We are dedicated plastic custom manufacturers, with an array of capacities created to meet the needs of constantly changing and evolving market place. We have manufacturing facilities in Thane, Badlapur and Daman.

Team Aditech has production and technical expertise and quality assurance understanding. Our team is fairly familiar with every detail in the production ranging from raw material for production, production line selection, production planning, problem tracking and tackling, quality assurance, warehousing and logistics, to testing and authentication. Most importantly, they deeply know their responsibility to protect their customer's intellectual property.

Our Advantages:

  • Suppliers Assessment: Our supply chain management team is familiar with a large amount of various suppliers ranging from raw materials, parts and components, manufacturing services to logistics.
  • IP Protection: As mentioned earlier, we understand the importance of protecting the intellectual property of the customer.
  • Our one-stop services: We provide seamless transition from design to product manufacturing making it easier to control quality, time schedule and overall cost.