Product Concept Design

Aditech Plastics has a team of in house designers who are dedicated to product design. Since its establishment, the company has successfully completed several projects. We undertake full product design projects and also assist in selection of proper materials based on each product's unique application and intended audience.

We use a very advanced 3D modeling software called Solidworks by Dasault Systems which help us put our ideas into reality.

Development Service

Your needs:

  • If you already have an idea and would like us to help you from research to development.
  • If you already have an idea and a core technology that needs to be made into a product.
  • If you already have an idea, a core technology, a working prototype, and just need to work on the look and aesthetics of the product.

We also develop the products as per the drawings or prototypes provided by our clients.

  • Fixed Price Service (one price including all minor changes): - We can provide you with a fixed price service, which means, we will not charge any additional charges for minor changes you make on the design. By minor changes we mean a change that does not affect the description of the product which you have agreed with us in the contract
  • Pay As You Go: Instead of deciding on the entire project cost, we can break up the project into various stages and thus we can decide on the costing stage wise. This happens typically when there could be uncertainty at the design stage and it is expected that a lot of changes in design could take place.