Innovative customized solutions

that enhances the growth of business and there by thrive in a constantly changing world.

ADITECH PLASTICS, located in Mumbai is one of the leading product design and manufacturing company, delivering seamless transitions from design to final production.

Since our establishment in 1998, Aditech Plastics has been focusing on one-stop services ranging from design research and strategy, product design and innovation, engineering, and production management in the field of plastics and sheet metal. By thoroughly researching markets and users, identifying emerging market opportunities and defining design breakthroughs, we deliver user-centered solutions with a combination of aesthetic appeal, user experience and market opportunities, helping our clients to build brands and increase revenue.

In the past 14 years, our company has helped clients to successfully design, develop and produce many products in the field of Industrial, Pharma and FMCG.


  • Mr.Sujay Kulkarni--Director Systems,Ashida Electronics Pvt. Ltd. Aditech Plastics has been helping us with perfect design solutions for the entire range of products.They convert our ideas into product.

  • Mr.Shankar Iyer--Vice President,Maser Electronics Pvt. Ltd. We are the fans of Aditech Plastics Pvt Ltd and cannot think of any product that can be manufactured and developed without their support.

  • Mr.Mahesh Maru--Partner,Vital Manufacturing and Company(VEMCO) Aditech Plastics have been always good in their services offered.Their prompt service and conceptually practical solutions are very effective.

  • Mr.Mukund Gupta--Executive Director,Micro Technologies(India)Ltd. They have superb understanding and speed which makes them outstanding.

  • Mr.Ganesh Kumar--Director, Veritek Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Their IQ is just unimaginable.I still don't know how they read our minds.

  • Mr.Kishor Deshmukh--GM,Value Chain,J.K.Helene Curtis Pvt.Ltd(Raymond Group). I am really impressed by the innovative designs by Aditech Plastics.Their end to end solutions fit our approach towards getting work executed.


We have the experience and evolving skills to ensure top-quality work on every job. Our highly motivated manpower base is comprised of professionals with a vast array of experience in our drive to meet our customer's stringent quality and service needs.

We offer our clients the skills to use engineering technology tools to develop cost-effective solutions, unique to their businesses, bringing them improved technical efficiency for less.

How we can help

  • If you have defined your product, and need product design, engineering, prototyping, production and assembly.
  • If you have work overload in your in house designing team for design/engineering/moulding/3D rendering and need an outsource vendor.
  • If you need expert product idea evaluation advice on design, cost, and functionality feasibility.